The Risky Jackal Media Kit


John Philp Thompson is another Chicago-based blogger I’ve had the pleasure to work with this year. When he needed a media kit for his social media, website and events services, a previous client recommended me—the best compliment there is!

John’s blog, The Risky Jackal, has a clean-yet-stylish look, so of course I carried that through to his media kit. He wanted to include more demographic information than other bloggers I’ve worked with, which gave me the opportunity to have some fun with simple infographics.

Pediatric Congenital Heart Foundation Collateral


Did you know 40,000 children are born with heart defects every year in America? The Pediatric Congenital Heart Foundation (PCHA) works to raise awareness about the most common birth defect and provide support to parents and patients.

Although they already had a logo and style guide, they needed someone to build out their branding and create a variety of collateral. The first project we worked on was a way to explain all the facets of the work they were doing in an easy to understand, visual format for both print and digital.

After interviewing staff in person and via email, I came up with the idea of a “choose your own adventure” map that breaks down the three main facets of the organization into smaller objectives and then shows their accomplishments in each area, and how they interact to accomplish bigger goals. In addition to statistics, they also wanted to incorporate anecdotal evidence in the form of patient quotes and personal stories.


It was a lot to include and organize, but I think this visual web is a great solution! This piece was printed as a fold-out poster and then translated into an interactive PDF as well.

Magazine Ad Round-Up


Since I left BRAVA as Art Director last year, I’ve stayed on in a freelance capacity as the magazine’s ad designer. Although BRAVA encapsulates a handful of different brands and I work with a number of freelance clients as well, it’s been fun to break out of the aesthetic I’ve been working in for more than seven years—each advertisement needs to be different from the last, each time you’re working with a new set of brand guidelines and supporting materials.


Those White Walls Media Kit


Ali is a photographer and fashion blogger who I met way back in my BRAVA days. In the last few years, her blog and social media following have taken off and Ali’s been able to capitalize on her influencer status.

To do so, she needed to package her talents and stats into an easily digestible package for advertisers and prospective clients—otherwise known as a media kit. Between the great imagery, easy stats and a clear plan, this interactive PDF was a joy to create and super functional!

We’ve since updated the kit with fresh photos and a new logo I designed, which you can read more about here.