An Extra Special Watercolor Wedding Map


Lucia and Curtis had purchased their wedding invitations from a popular website, but wanted to add a custom map to encourage their guests to explore some of their favorite places during their wedding weekend. I worked with the groom’s mom to create this special piece, featuring hand-painted watercolor illustrations of the wedding venue, his hometown and some of the spectacular natural features of the area. It is above and beyond any of the maps I’ve designed previously, but I think it was well worth the effort!

Allen’s 70th Birthday Poster

What to get the man who has everything and is so appreciated by so many people? An artful reminder of just how much he is loved, of course! For Allen’s 70th birthday, the family commissioned me to design a simple black and white piece featuring a list of 70 things they loved about their father and grandfather.


Not all projects need to be big. In fact, sometimes the smallest make the most impact. I know Allen loved his!