Anne Connor Photography Squarespace Website


Anne Connor is a photographer, shop owner, mother, and prominent member of the community. Could she have spent a week or so figuring out how to set up her Squarespace website? Certainly. But instead she decided to save her time and energy for other pursuits and have me do the initial set up. We sat down together and I gave her a quick tutorial so she can now update the site herself!


Wedding & Event Planner WordPress Website

It seems appropriate to unveil Danzante Events’ new website on Valentine’s Day! After all, it’s all about love—and I’m absolutely in love with it!

One of the things that prompted Rebecca to seek me out was her clunky old website, so we got to work on it as soon as her new logo was finalized. She already had a WordPress plan and was comfortable with the interface, so we decided to stick with her current provider, but otherwise I was starting from scratch. I found a template to work as a base, then modified and added plug-ins to create a custom site that fulfills all her needs.