Aroma Flow Logo Process

It’s easy to forget that some of the everyday aspects of my job are totally foreign to my clients. I recently finished up another small business branding project, so I thought I’d take you through the process!

An old coworker of mine connected me with her friend Brittney, a Montana-based yoga instructor. We scheduled a phone meeting where I learned about how she’s been incorporating essential oils into her practice and classes, and is starting a business to share her knowledge with other instructors. We talked about her audience and the feeling she wanted the logo to evoke, as well as practical parameters like the necessity of her new business branding to gel with her existing studio logo and the logo of the essential oils she uses. Brittany also wanted to incorporate the imagery of a drop somehow, and use colors that represent her audience of strong women: warm, saturated hues.


The conversation lasted less than a half hour, but since Brittany had such a clear picture of her audience and direction for her business, I also had a really good direction for the logo. I designed quite a few options and sent Brittany the best ones.

While sometimes there are a few rounds of changes, in this case, I did a few slight tweaks and the Aroma Flow logo was finished! I worked up a simple style guide to help steer future projects—often I’ll create a more comprehensive branding package with print and digital collateral, but her hubby is a designer so they were going to do that part in house (literally!).

aroma flow logo

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