Photo Editing for a Lifestyle Photographer

Emily Colbert is a Missouri-based lifestyle photographer who sends me sessions that need a bit of extra love—in the form of photoshop work.


The images from this sweet little newborn session were just about perfect—except for the textured background. Because of transparency of the cheesecloth, Emily just couldn’t quite fix it in a way that looked natural. Working at extreme magnification, I was able to do so and get the entire session back to her in just two days!


The background was the issue once again in a portrait session for a personal trainer. Emily had shot the photos with strong directional lighting to highlight the trainer’s muscle tone, but unfortunately that resulted in a muddy gray background. The client wanted a clean white background for her website but the wispy tendrils of her hair presented a challenge. Using a variety of techniques, I was able to pull the color from the background without losing her hair.

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